One of the many partner organizations who works with Week of Hope in the summers has a wonderful program going on for Christmas 2012. Spread the Word Nevada is putting on the Gift of Reading where people can give donations that help reach at-risk children in the Las Vegas community. Each $10 donation will go to fund a book for a child complete with a sticker memorializing the donation, and a note to the child that your generous gift purchased the book for them. If you are looking to find an extra way to give this Christmas season, this is a fantastic gift idea.



Las Vegas is known for a lot of dark things. You can go to any newscast and it seems like day in and day out, there are stories painting young people in a negative light. A report just recently came out that teen suicide in Clark County is up fourfold in 2012, and if you go to any news website today there are stories of teenagers vandalizing cars, getting caught doing or selling drugs, and a few months ago there was a story about a group of teens beating up an innocent man for absolutely no reason at all.

What isn’t told about in our mainstream media, at least not regularly, is that there are young people who do make a difference in Las Vegas and who do shine bright in our community. Young people do set a good example and there are positive stories that take place even when the darkness seems to take over. Last year, students from the crossing took time out of their schedules to remove graffiti from a stretch of freeway on the US95. Student volunteers cleaned up an area around the College of Southern Nevada as part of Project Skyline this past Spring. I remember back in 2008, as part of Rejuvenation and Surgance, volunteers from all over the city, including many young people, painted the walls of Hinman Elementary School. I was talking with one of my friends who teaches at Lake Mead Christian Academy and they require seniors to do volunteer projects in the community each year as part of a senior project.

All of this is written to tell you that SOS Radio is doing something to make these positive stories known here in the community from now to the end of the year. If you are a teenager and are shining the light of Christ bright in Las Vegas, please go to their website for contact information and a way to get your story out there.

Proverbs 4:18

The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. (NIV)

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission has become a beacon of Hope to those who have none. Each Thanksgiving they provide meals for those who cannot afford a dinner, or those who will not be having Thanksgiving dinner with their family. I am proud to be a part of a ministry who serves the mission each summer, but this goes beyond what we do in the summer. I would ask that you consider a donation to the Mission to help feed the homeless and those less fortunate for Thanksgiving. Did you know it only takes $2.05 to feed one person and there will be thousands lined up for a warm, hearty meal this next month. Please consider donating today by clicking here to donate.

Week of Hope registration is currently under way for 2013. Group Mission Trips is coming back to Las Vegas for a third summer and I for one am super excited to continue to see life change in this city through service. Service is Faith in action and Week of Hope has touched many organizations, and many people within the last few years. These mission trips have made a positive impact in the Las Vegas community in so many ways. If you are looking for a chance to make a difference in Sin City please consider coming to Las Vegas on a short term mission trip with Week of Hope.


Family Promise in Las Vegas has been a wonderful partner with Week of Hope for the past two years and they have been a bright light shining in the Las Vegas community for many years. They have helped many families over the years get back on their feet and get out of the hole of homelessness. With that being said, there are still families that they work with throughout the holidays this year who need help from all of us.

They are having an “Adopt a Family for Christmas” event this year and need volunteers to sign up by November 1st. They will provide a list of needs from the family in need by December 1st. If you would like to sign up or have any other questions please call Karen Curnutt at (702) 638-8806.


Hope Church 2010 Trunk or Treat at Silverado High School

Most churches host an event that is similar to Halloween, calling it Fall Fun Festivals, Harvest Festivals, or what is more commonly referred to as “Trunk or Treats.” They have become an enjoyable way to bring families together for a fun, safe evening, and it has also been a way for churches to reach out to the community to involve those who may never step inside a church building. If you google “Trunk or Treat” nothing seems to come up. If you are a parent looking for one, and the church you attend isn’t doing some kind of festival, it would be hard to look and see what is going on in or around your neighborhood. I would like to help with that and share about a few churches in the Las Vegas who are putting these wonderful events together. Check out the below links to find one close to you!

The Church at Lake Mead Harvest Festival – Oct 25, 5:30p-9p Cost is FREE

Canyon Ridge King’s Faire – Oct. 26, 5p-9p Admission is $3, Children under 2 are FREE

The Church at South Las Vegas Funfest – Oct 27th, 7p-9p Cost is FREE

Calvary Chapel Green Valley Harvest Festival – Oct 31st, 5p-9p Cost is FREE

Calvary Chapel Spring Valley Harvest Festival – Oct 31st, 5p-9p Admission is FREE ($15 unlimited carnival rides, $5 single ticket rides, and Jabbawockeez will be performing FREE)

Highland Hills Baptist Church Fall Festival – Oct. 31, 5p-8p Cost is FREE

Shadow Hills Trunk or Treat – October 31st, 6p-8p. Cost is FREE

Hope Church Las Vegas – October 31st, 6p-8p (TWO locations: Boulder City and South Las Vegas). Cost is FREE





LMCA’s Harvest Festival. What a great fundraising event for young people! I found out about this through a friend who’s daughter attends Lake Mead Christian Academy in Henderson, NV and I just had to share, especially since there are recent previous blog posts about fundraising.

When:  Thursday, October 25th

Where: Lake Mead Christian Academy (540 E. Lake Mead Pkwy. Henderson, NV 89015)

Time: 5:30p – 9:00p

Admission: FREE

Each year, students will go on mission trips to various cities in North America and Central America. In order to go on these trips they do a variety of fundraisers to enable them to experience a mission trip. Any of the proceeds donated with help fund their trips. Open to all ages as this is a fantastic family event.