Hello. My name is Wes. I’ve spent a few years as a youth leader, and currently sell furniture. My real passion is to serve the wonderful city I call home. Since 2010, I’ve been a Local Coordinator for Week of Hope setting up service projects each summer throughout the valley. I moved to the Las Vegas Valley in December 2005. Many of my friends thought that I was crazy for making such a decision. They were positive beyond all doubt that I would become addicted to gambling, marry a showgirl, and drink myself stupid. They thought one day they would see me crawling back home broke, homeless, and wasting away to nothing. They viewed me more like the modern day prodigal son told about in Luke chapter 15, minus the inheritance part.  I moved to Vegas for a job opportunity to grow a business, make a name for myself, while knowing very little of this place that so many people labeled “Sin City”.

I’ve been here for 6+ years now and my love for Las Vegas continues to grow and grow. I never became homeless, but I have had my share of hardships as I have had multiple jobs since 2005, as the one I moved down here for didn’t exactly work out. I did not become addicted to gambling, and I never drank myself stupid. I did get married, but not to a showgirl. In fact, she happened to be from the same town that I was from back in Washington State. She moved down here for a teaching job a few years before I did and we met and married in Las Vegas. Early 2011 we welcomed our son into the world. We are now a family of 3 living in Las Vegas and, although we do not know what the future holds, we are planning to grow our family in Las Vegas.

Throughout my 6+ years here I have encountered many people, many stories, painting Las Vegas in a negative light. In general, there are so many people who have moved here and seem miserable with their decision after only a few months or years. It pains me to see and hear about those who hate living here so much that they constantly complain about everything and anything that Las Vegas has to offer. They fail to see that, outside of the Strip, this is like any other town in America. Las Vegas has a lot to offer families as there are a ton of positive activities to participate in around the Valley. Enough about me, go ahead and read as I hope you enjoy this blog!


I have since moved my family back to Spokane, Washington. We have added another boy to our family and we have decided to move closer to family. Vegas was a ride full of lessons, fun, and great growth spiritually. I continue to hope and pray that this blog will educate you and encourage you about Las Vegas from a different point of view, one from the road less traveled I guess you can say. Thanks for reading. -Wes