2013 is the beginning of the third year Group Mission Trips has decided to come to Las Vegas to serve our wonderful community. This year we are proud to announce that we have partnered with thee new organizations this summer in addition to the all the others that we have been working with the past two summers. Allow me to introduce them to you: Blind Center of Nevada: “The Blind Center of Nevada is here to help that person put their life back together, to learn the beauty of individual worth, to gain some of the independence that was lost, and to build a new circle of friends. And, most of all to rebuild hope and feel loved.” (website) They have graciously allowed our volunteers to serve through interacting with those who are blind and need assistance shopping and integrating independently into society and we are excited to partner with them this summer. Prestige Care: This wonderful organization provides a various amount of services for seniors. They have areas of rehabilitation, Alzheimer care, assisted living, and independent living programs. We are excited to partner with them this summer as we share the love of Christ through service and relationship building with the residents there. Salvation Army: We are excited to team up with the family services department of the Salvation Army in Southern Nevada. Working with those who rely on this service to provide food is key to the mission that we come here to serve this summer. We will be packaging and handing out food to those who need it, including homeless and those who are less fortunate in our community. These three organizations will be a great addition to our long list of wonderful partners who we have had the honor of serving alongside here in Las Vegas and we are excited for this summer to begin as we are only one month away!