So you have been praying, planning, and raising funds for a short term mission trip this summer. Once you have all your support in go back through and thank those who made a commitment to pray and financially support you. What are the benefits of a “thank you” note?

When you are raising prayer and financial support for a mission trip you are involving the Body of Christ. You are developing relationships with others. When you develop relationships with others, communicating is one way to grow that relationship. If someone has come beside you and supported you throughout the period leading up to your mission trip, wouldn’t you think they would like to hear about the trip afterwards? A fellow blogger sums this up great in #6 of How to Raise Support for Short Term Missions.

I remember coming back from all of my short term mission trips and the church I attended took time in the service to have us come up and share experiences from our church. Since the church stood behind us why not take time to let those who supported know how everything went? In addition to that, we all sent out thank you cards, not just to those who supported us financially, but prayerfully as well.