There are plenty of ideas for raising funds for mission trips. From selling Entertainment Books to a good old-fashioned Bake Sale, there are plenty of ways to fund your trip.

You never want to get started last minute. You will need proper organization, planning, and the most important ingredient…VOLUNTEERS.

1.  Most fast food companies have some sort of fundraiser available for non-profits. A majority of restaurants have a program specifically for fundraising as well. Below are just a few:

2.  Car Wash fundraisers are always an excellent option especially in the summer. Generally speaking, a donation car wash fundraiser will bring in more traffic and more funds than if you have a set price. You’ll be surprised at how generous people can be with a donation format.

3.  Similar to the Entertainment Book, you can have a customized Discount Cards for your youth group. Along that same line, I remember a youth pastor a few years back who would go around to different local businesses and have them “rent” space on a sheet of paper advertising their business or giving coupons. The sheets would then get laminated and handed out to people during a fundraiser, such as a car wash. That was a win-win situation for the businesses and the youth group.

4.  Recycling – You can recycle things from pop cans to jewelry. For youth groups in states that pay you back for recycling, create a bin at church just for the youth group. Put a few people who are participating in the upcoming mission trip to be responsible for it. For those who live in states that do not directly pay you back for recycling, you will need to find a recycling center and find out what they pay for bulk donations of aluminum and other recyclable. Cell phone recycling and gold parties are great ways to earn funds as well.

5.  Movie Night fundraisers can be a fun way to involve the church to help raise funds for an upcoming mission trip. Most churches already have a big screen and projectors so all you need is a great family movie to show and you are in business. Add a theme to the night to make it more exciting and have the youth group serve popcorn and drinks (you may be able to get the food donated). Another option would be to sell movie tickets to raise funds as well.

Those are just a few of hundreds of thousands of ideas to get you started raising funds for a future mission trip. Below I have added a few more links with plenty of ideas to help you meet your fundraising goals.

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