The time is here, the time is now. Planning ahead for next summer seems like a long time away, but there are HUGE benefits to signing up for a Week of Hope Mission Trip early:

  • More time to raise funds to go on a mission trip
  • More time to plan your mission trip (travel, what to do before/after, what you want to accomplish)
  • More time to prepare your students and their parents

Not only does it help prepare your students for a mission trip this summer, but it helps those who are working at coordinating the camp to better prepare the community for your arrival. There is a facebook page devoted to Week of Hope so you can keep in the know and whatever city you decide to serve in, there will either be blogs (like this one for Las Vegas), or facebook pages like Week of Hope in Orlando.

Your willingness to serve communities across the United States is greatly appreciated and your diligence in spreading the Love of Christ is priceless. Thank you for considering Week of Hope for your summer mission experience for 2013!