Hundreds of volunteers stopped by Hope Church today to continue the clean up from the flash floods created by heavy rainfall on Wednesday. Although there isn’t a full report on the cost of the damage as of yet, it will not be cheap to fix and repair. We can either view this as a tragedy, an inconvenience, or something completely negative, or we can focus on the positives. People from the nearby neighborhoods came by the help in the clean up efforts. These are people who may go to another church, believe in other doctrine, or don’t believe in anything or anyone at all. No one was hurt or missing during the flash flood at the campus. The people who attend Hope are coming together through all of this and within the congregation there are many people who have drywall and carpentry skills to help out in the repair. This is just a speed bump in the road and God will be glorified through all of this.

Top: Flooding at Hope Church’s South Valley Campus 8/22
Bottom: Clean up efforts under way 8/23