What does a typical day working at a site entail? Each week there are a group of volunteers who go to serve one organization (usually a ministry or non-profit) or “site” Monday of camp week through Thursday of camp week. The volunteers arrive to their assigned organization in the morning and serve there throughout the day, typically during the hours from 9a-3p.

So when the volunteers arrive, what do they do to serve? Each organization has their own service projects that they need and that is the wonderful thing about serving at Week of Hope. Every year the volunteers come back they are likely to serve in a different capacity than in the previous year. For example, the Women’s Resource Medical Center of Southern Nevada volunteers would be cleaning baby bottles from their baby bottle campaign, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission would have the volunteers participate anywhere from working in the kitchen, to helping sort through donations at their thrift store, and Club Christ has the volunteers help with a summer program they have gear towards reading with urban youth. Spread the Word Nevada will bring in donated books for cleaning to be redistributed to local schools for children to read, Raised Arm Ministries has summer sports camps for refugee families adapting to American life and culture, and Family Promise formed a Kidz Kamp because of our volunteers and provides summer activities for children whose families are homeless and trying to get back on their feet. DelMar Gardens puts our volunteers to work and help out with their pet therapy program, and have fun exercising and doing arts and crafts with the residents there. Green Valley Library needed volunteers for straightening up books and helping with their Adopt-a-reader program helping young children improve their reading skills. In Boulder City, there were two partner organizations who used our volunteers. St. Judes Ranch utilized our volunteers to help organize their donations that they receive throughout the past year. Boulder City Senior Center incorporated our volunteers to help out with games and crafts at the center and helped out with meals as well.

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people…” Eph 6:7