There are so many aspects to a Week of Hope camp to talk about. I will unpack more at different times throughout the year, but It’s Sunday and I would like to focus on the Worship aspect of camp. Yes there is a ton of focus on service projects and serving, but there is an important Spiritual Growth element to Week of Hope as well. Every evening throughout the camp week, the campers gather together for an evening program filled with singing worship songs, sharing how God was working at their projects (God stories), and skits. Most songs are considered contemporary Christian Worship songs known by most churches, familiar by a majority of youth, regardless of denomination. Most of the camp weeks this year had campers who volunteered to lead worship and there were a few weeks where there was a volunteer worship leader. You can learn more about becoming a Volunteer Worship Leader through Week of Hope by clicking the aforementioned link. It is a blessing to see young people lead Worship especially in a camp setting.

For the camp week July 8-12, we had youth lead worship for the evening program. What a blessing it is to see young people lead.