Each year, the groups who come to serve are asked to bring a food donation. Their gift is then donated to a local food pantry in the area. I have the wonderful job to find the perfect food pantry who will receive those generous donations! Oasis Christian Church (not to be confused with Oasis Baptist Church which is the lodging facility we used), began a small food pantry back in 2009, to help those who fell on hard times and could not put food on their table. Most of the food is supplied by Three Square, Fresh and Easy, and various other businesses and organizations. The camps have pitched in and donated over 500 items of food last year and over 200 food items this year.

Food heading to the Oasis Christian Church Food Pantry 2012

I say this because there is a “big picture” story to this event. Three Square provides food all over the Las Vegas Valley and is the largest food bank in Southern Nevada. Last year there were a group of volunteers from Week of Hope who partnered with Three Square to fill pallets of food for smaller pantries and agencies throughout the area. Not only were the volunteers packaging donations for others, but they were also helping Oasis Christian Church’s food pantry ministry both directly with their donations and indirectly through their service at Three Square each week.