The cool thing about beginning this blog after our first Week of Hope in Las Vegas last year is that I get to go back and share how things went while blogging about how things are going this year. Hope Church in Boulder City was gracious enough to open their doors and house the student volunteers for the summer. RCWilley in Henderson, NV donated a refrigerator for the camp so we could feed 100+ teenagers each week. We had about 15 different non-profit organizations and ministries that we partnered with last summer covering Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and North Las Vegas. They all were extremely impressed with the volunteers who came to serve the Las Vegas community.

We also had two amazing summer staffers who led each camp, every week, all day long. It’s tough work and these two were simply amazing. Danielle and Kara were two college girls who gave up an entire summer break to run this camp here in Vegas. Danielle worked with a lot of the different crews and organizations making sure everything was running smoothly and Kara led evening programs that involved worship music, skits, slide shows of the day’s events, and facilitated God stories (how did you see God work today?).

“What happens in Vegas…God sees”

One of the best stories that I will forever remember from last year was of one student who came to Week of Hope and served at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. He had such a wonderful time there that when he and his parents made a trip back to Vegas a few weeks after the camp, he decided to go back and spend another day volunteering.

I also ran across another youth minister’s blog post relating to our camp last year and he shares about his youth’s God sighting and how God had impacted his week at camp.