It was weeks, even a few months, and I could not get this title out of my head. How can someone who has a personal relationship with Christ move to Las Vegas and enjoy living in a place labeled “Sin City”? Public perception of this place is that people come down here to indulge in every sinful desire know to man. Even though prostitution is illegal in Clark County, it is still prevalant especially within the city limits. Las Vegas is also known as the “city that never sleeps” as bars and nightclubs run 24/7. As you drive around town there are billboards with half naked men and women promoting scandalous shows and entertainment revolving around sex. You will also see stands on sidewalks filled with flyers promoting call girls and strip clubs among other things. Take a walk up and down the strip and you will get bombarded with people handing out cards for special deals for nightclubs, strip clubs, and call girls. Casinos promote deals for people to come gamble at their slots and tables. Each casino promises that they have the loosest slots and give the largest payouts.

How can anyone who has never been to Vegas find this appealing especially when they do not live the stereotypical Vegas lifestyle? This is my mission, what I am passionate about for the city I live in and call home. Las Vegas is lost city, a dark city, but there are a ton of positive, uplifting activities for people to do here outside of what the main stream society promotes. According to the Barna Research Group, Las Vegas is one the cities who have the lowest share of self-identified Christians. This is why I have decided to write this blog, to give hope to those who need it and to shine a light on Las Vegas to those who know nothing about this city.